Battered and breaded vegetables, not pre-fried and with low-fat. The best vegetables ripened under the southern sun are battered and covered with delicious breading to give the product the right browning and crunchiness. An innovative baking technology allows to make vegetables absorb only 2% of fats. The catalogue includes: supreme aubergines; Tex-mex potatoes; Cornflakes carrots; Herbs supreme zucchini.

Produced by Gias SpA


The exclusive use of fresh yeast MadreCupiello makes these croissants with 36 hours of natural leavening the perfect Italian breakfast. Cupiello enriches its offer for the Italian breakfast out-of-home with a larger selection of croissants “CuordiMadre”, The best of MadreCupiello Fresco yeast and quality raw materials with a “clean” label. NO artificial flavors, NO artificial colors, NO preservatives, NO E471, PLASTIC NO BOX.

Produced by Fresystem SpA

Ethnic specialities

Our frozen ethnic specialties are dedicated to those who want to embark on a journey to discover new flavors. Various proposals to be tasted as they are or to be enriched at will. Vegetarian couscous; paella; paella with enrobed rice; chicken and vegetables kebab; Mexican style spicy potatoes.

Produced by Gias SpA

Frozen mozzarella in 1 kg thermosoldered bag

Thanks to the innovative IQF Frost techniques our buffalo mozzarella preserve all its taste form 365 days.

Produced by Fattorie Garofalo Soc. Coop. Agricola

Gluten free

A line of colorful and tasty frozen veggie piadinas and pizzas, dedicated to those who follow a gluten-free diet but are constantly looking for novelty. Catalogue includes: veggie cauliflower piadina, veggie broccoli piadina, veggie butternut squash piadina, veggie beetroot piadina, cauliflower pizza margherita, broccoli pizza with vegetables.

Produced by Gias SpA

Grilled vegetables

Many frozen vegetables and ready side dishes, simply baked in the oven without added fats. Catalogue includes: grilled zucchini slices; grilled aubergine slices; grilled pepper halves; whole grilled peppers; grilled butternut squash chunks; grilled onion "Cipolla Rossa di Tropea IGP"; mediterranean vegetable Mix; grilled Vegetable Mix; vegetables for Ratatouille; vegetables for Caponata; grilled peppers, onion and olives; crunchy vegetable blend.

Produced by Gias SpA

Helathy salads

Many frozen products for those looking for healthy and balanced dishes without sacrificing taste. Ready in a few minutes, to defrost and consume. We can offer Fantasia di cereali grain salad; Multigrain blend with vegetables; Bulgur and quinoa salad; Vegetable and pulses salad with rice; Rice salad with turmeric and kale; Pomegranate arils;

Produced by Gias SpA

Krapfens and donuts

For kids of any age, available in many varieties and different colours, perfect to be enjoyed all day long. Among the Best Sellers: “Donut Ciock” soft dough with a rich chocolate filling and topping; “Krapfen” available plain, filled apricot, custard or chocolate.

Produced by Fresystem SpA


A wide range of frozen products ready in a few minutes in the microwave, from soups in portionable cubes to vegetables au gratin in practical containers also suitable for oven cooking. Availables: creamy butternut squash and carrots soup, creamy zucchini soup with basil, creamy orange cauliflower, carrot and sweet potato soup, creamy broccoli soup, Mediterranean gratin with zucchini, potato, zucchini and pepper gratin with ginger, potato gratin with bacon, zucchini parmigiana, aubergine parmigiana

Produced by Gias SpA

Muffin and monoportion cakes

Deliciously simple! Are a line of already cooked desserts that only need to be thawed & served. They can be proposed as a snack or a meal, offered in a showcase or also used for plated service. For a sweet break: “Triple Chocolate Muffin”, filled with hazelnut and cocoa cream, sprinkled with dark chocolate chunks. The monoportion cake represent the future of the OOH: the small size reduces waste and the different shapes and mixtures can meet different consumers’ needs. In addition to that, the mono-cakes of Cupiello also incorporate traditional recipes. The range is constantly updated with innovative products meeting new consumers’ needs and market trends, as “Dolcemele Melinda” with 50% fresh apples from Val di Non.

Produced by Fresystem SpA

Neapolitan specialities

The best of the Mediterranean Pastry Tradition, a wide and varied Line of products Ready to Bake and/or Fully Baked. Among the best Sellers: “Neapolitan Sfogliatella” an original Neapolitan specialty, a crumbly sweet pastry filled with ricotta cheese and candied fruit; “Graffa”, from an ancient Neapolitan recipe, soft and tasty fully baked.

Produced by Fresystem SpA


Different types of pre-cooked and IQF frozen vegetables and cereals from organic farming, therefore obtained without resorting to the use of synthetic chemicals in cultivation. The Organic line is a conscious choice to protect nature and serve the best products on the table Available: organic vegetables, organic soups and organic cereal salads.

Produced by Gias SpA


A rich and delicious range of fresh sourdough and puff pastry for breakfast and dessert. Our recent developments: “Darckcereals fagotto filled with caffarel®”, soft cereal dough stuffed with the irresistible Dark Caffarel chocolate filling and sprinkled with crunchy Gold & Black grains for who follows a vegetarian or vegan diet; “Mueslicroc vegan bar with currants and pomegranate”, dough rich in granola and 16% muesli-source of fiber and Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello; “Melizia” with apples and an original half-moon shape.

Produced by Fresystem SpA

Potatoes and chips

The best frozen potatoes, the result of a careful selection, available baked and not pre-fried in various cuts to give a touch of imagination to many recipes. Catalogue includes: grilled potato wedges; grilled potato wedges with skin; whole grilled potatoes; grilled stick potatoes and grilled sweet potatoes in stick; not pre-fried potato chips; not pre-fried vegetable trio in chips.

Produced by Gias SpA

Pre-cooked cereals and pulses

A wide selection of pre-cooked and IQF frozen rice, cereals and pulses, excellent ingredients for salads and healthy and delicious first courses. Many proposals, because the imagination has no limits. The catalogue includes: pre-cooked spelt, pre-cooked barley, pre-cooked oats, pre-cooked quinoa, pre-cooked bulgur, pre-cooked wheat, pre-cooked couscous, pre-cooked chickpeas, pre-cooked beans, pre-cooked green lentils, pre-cooked rice, pre-cooked brown rice.

Produced by Gias SpA

Pre-cooked pastas

Various shapes of pre-cooked and IQF frozen pasta, ready in just a few minutes to optimize preparation time in the kitchen. Ideal to combine with sauces or to use as a base for tasty summer salads. Pre-cooked penne, pre-cooked fusilli, pre-cooked tortiglioni, pre-cooked ditali rigati, pre-cooked orecchiette, pre-cooked filei, pre-cooked gomiti rigati.

Produced by Gias SpA

Ready meals

Frozen ready meals, easy and quick to prepare, made with the utmost care and attention to quality, to meet the changing needs of consumers. The Catalogue includes: gnocchi sorrentina; four cheese rainbow gnocchi; fettuccine Alfredo; roasted veg mac and cheese; penne arrabbiata; penne mediterranea; norma pasta; mushroom risotto; butternut squash risotto; asparagus risotto; pesto rotini.

Produced by Gias SpA


Retail line and exclusive references, also available in the FoodService format. Leader in the foodservice and organized catering market, Cupiello leads the frozen bakery section in large scale distribution as well, thanks to a unique retail assortment for breadth and variety, world exclusive and highly innovative products. Cupiello is also the leading supporter and promoter of the use of Fresh Sourdough in bakery, for more delicious, easier to digest and longer fresh products!

Produced by Fresystem SpA


Frozen sauces of the Italian and ethnic culinary tradition, suitable for seasoning first courses and for creating more elaborate seasonings in a few minutes. They are already portioned in convenient cubes of about 10g to be defrosted in a few minutes in the microwave or in a pan. Available: sorrentina sauce, norma sauce, Cacio e Pepe, paella sauce, mushroom sauce, turnip top sauce, arrabbiata sauce.

Produced by Gias SpA

Savoury products

Happy hours, buffet, snacks and the new street food tendencies: from savoury croissants to fill and enjoy to breaded finger foods for every moment of the day. Among the Best Sellers: “Savoury plain straight croissant sprinkled with multigrain” with Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello, Butter Touch Italian Style, easy to filled for lunch time; “Soffice courgettes” with Grana Padano cheese and courgettes; “Potato croquette” with mozzarella.

Produced by Fresystem SpA


A line of frozen ready-to-cook steamed vegetables. A way to preserve the nutritional content of the vegetables and guarantee taste and goodness at the same time. Availables: asparagus; broccoli florets; cauliflower florets; durnip greens; butternut squash; riced cauliflower; riced broccoli; riced butternut squash; zucchini spirals; carrots spirals; soffritto blend; broccoli and potatoes; broccoli, cauliflower and romanesco; giardiniera; trio of cauliflowers; trio of carrots.

Produced by Gias SpA


Aiming at meeting the needs of increasingly segmented and demanding customers, Cupiello presents it “Wellicious” Vegan product line, a mix of wellness and deliciousness specially designed for vegetarians. The goodness and lightness of the croissants with Fresh Sourdough MadreCupiello without fat of animal origin, suitable to respond to new market trends: vegans, vegetarians and lactose intolerants. News: “Vegan fagotto ACE” with fresh carrots, extra filled with italian citrus fruits, baked with fresh sourdough MadreCupiello. Vegan Range made up of a wide variety of monoportion cakes rich in taste: best sellers are “Orange VeganCiok”, with chocolate and candied orange pieces and“Carrots Vegan cake”, with fresh carrots.

Produced by Fresystem SpA

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