Rice and Cereals

Arborio rice

Arborio is a rice variety whose large and pearled grains release abundant starch during cooking, assuring an excellent blending of the ingredients. Widely grown in the Po valley, it’s a great classic of the Italian cuisine.

Produced by Riseria Vignola Giovanni SpA

Carnaroli rice

Carnaroli rice is a high quality rice. The exceptional compactness of its large and long grains with a tiny central white core (known as “perla”) combined with the excellent balance between liquid binding and low starch release, make it “the king of the Italian rice”.

Produced by Riseria Vignola Giovanni SpA

Cereal and pulses

Riseria Vignola offers a unique range of both conventional and organic cereals and legumes, like Chickpeas, Borlotti Beans, Cannellini Beans, Pearled Spelt, Lentils and Pearled Barley, accurately selected and processed with full respect of the Italian tradition.

Produced by Riseria Vignola Giovanni SpA

Ethnic specialities

Our frozen ethnic specialties are dedicated to those who want to embark on a journey to discover new flavors. Various proposals to be tasted as they are or to be enriched at will. Vegetarian couscous; paella; paella with enrobed rice; chicken and vegetables kebab; Mexican style spicy potatoes.

Produced by Gias SpA

Helathy salads

Many frozen products for those looking for healthy and balanced dishes without sacrificing taste. Ready in a few minutes, to defrost and consume. We can offer Fantasia di cereali grain salad; Multigrain blend with vegetables; Bulgur and quinoa salad; Vegetable and pulses salad with rice; Rice salad with turmeric and kale; Pomegranate arils;

Produced by Gias SpA

Mirai Rice

MIRAI is the new variety of rice conceived and selected to prepare Sushi and Japanese dishes. Pure grains, without flaws, unique for its taste and consistency resulting from Vignola research, selection and experience. Selected farmers exclusively grow this refined variety according to strict and specific guidelines studied in order to keep all its characteristics intact and constant, crop after crop.

Produced by Riseria Vignola Giovanni SpA

Mulching seeding system

Can we improve the excellence? Yes, we can. We do it without limits and with everyday innovations, combining tradition with bold ideas and cutting-edge technology. So did Giovanni Vignola, testing and applying for the first time on organic rice farming the mulching seeding system. Results are amazing: more quality, authenticity and purity for a rice that definitely exceeds all expectations while respecting the environment. This leads to an absolute excellence: Vignola Organic Rice.

Produced by Riseria Vignola Giovanni SpA

Origini, capolavori di natura

A range of rice born from continuous research and the ability to innovate, without ever losing sight of tradition. The new line emphasizes the sensory and organoleptic aspects of rice, while respecting its territorial roots, the environment and authenticity. A proposal that, thanks to the specific chromatic and aromatic variety, gratifies the senses and inspires chefs and lovers of good food, giving uniqueness to starry creations as much as to daily preparations.

Produced by Riseria Vignola Giovanni SpA

Pre-cooked cereals and pulses

A wide selection of pre-cooked and IQF frozen rice, cereals and pulses, excellent ingredients for salads and healthy and delicious first courses. Many proposals, because the imagination has no limits. The catalogue includes: pre-cooked spelt, pre-cooked barley, pre-cooked oats, pre-cooked quinoa, pre-cooked bulgur, pre-cooked wheat, pre-cooked couscous, pre-cooked chickpeas, pre-cooked beans, pre-cooked green lentils, pre-cooked rice, pre-cooked brown rice.

Produced by Gias SpA

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