Pasta sauces and pesto


The Italian recipes par excellence are those born from regional tradition, enhanced by top-class ingredients. Three generous portions, to share the pleasure. Available in the following flavors: Basilico, Arrabbiata, Bolognese and Olives.

Produced by La Doria SpA

Cream sauce - Peppers Creamy Sauce

Characterized by the sweet typical taste of pepper, Peppers Creamy Sauce is perfect as a condiment or as fillings of egg pastas, savory cakes and sandwiches. The addition of chilli gives a note of spiciness to the sweet taste of the peppers. The color is an intense orange and the appearance is creamy as a characteristic of pestos. Pepper Creamy Sauce enriches Pestos and Sauce’s line that is composed of Basil Pesto, Basil Pesto without garlic, Sundried Tomatoes Pesto, Truffle Sauce, Artichokes Creamy Sauce, Black Olives Creamy Sauce and Pistachio Pesto Sauce.

Produced by D&D Italia SpA

Cream sauce - Truffle Sauce

For every taste, every time. For those who are looking for a smart product with a high service content. D'Amico proposes Pestos and Creamy Sauces line. Among the eight references of the line, Truffle Sauce is one of the highest yield products, versatile in the kitchen, ideal for risottos; excellent for pizzas and gourmet sandwiches.

Produced by D&D Italia SpA

Il pesto

For the most refined palates and for those who are constantly looking for different tastes, D’Amico offers, with originality and imagination, different typical regional recipes of pesto and sauces. Pestos and Sauces’s line in mini format of 130g consists of eight delicious flavors, rich and decisive. Smart and versatile products, ideal for seasoning risotto and pasta, excellent for bruschetta and tapas and for seasoning pizzas and gourmet sandwiches; also to be used as an ingredient for pasta fillings such as tortellini and ravioli.

Produced by D&D Italia SpA


To offer the best to our customers, we present “Bio”, a line of sauces that offers classic traditional recipes prepared using only ingredients from organic farming. Available in the following flavors: Basilico, Arrabbiata, Bolognese and Vegetables.

Produced by La Doria SpA

Pasta sauces

For pasta lovers and not only, D’Amico presents four fantastic pasta sauces, ready to be tasted. Thanks to selected raw materials and high production standards, D’Amico Pasta Sauces are natural and tasty as those "home made". Scarpariello, Calabrese, Olives and Capers and Tomato and Basil are our appetizing regional recipes, wisely kept in refined and elegant jars, to bring to the table, in few minutes, all the flavours at once.

Produced by D&D Italia SpA


The best Pesto alla Genovese (also without garlic), plus two unique recipes of the highest quality (Napoletano and Red). When it comes to tradition, Althea knows how to be innovative.

Produced by La Doria SpA

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