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Via Castellammare, 82
80054 Gragnano (NA)

Founded in 1912 
Gragnano (NA)

Di Martino family has been making pasta since 1912. Three generations of pasta makers have passed on their secrets and passion over the years, while wisely innovating tradition. Through each of its over 126 shapes, Pastificio Di Martino has a mission: offering consumers a product of excellence, good to taste, firm to cooking and highly digestible, thanks to its minimum 14% protein. Following the Product Specification of IGP Gragnano Pasta, Di Martino pasta is bronze die extruded and slowly dried at low temperature.

Our strong points? Di Martino pasta perfectly holds sauces and returns the fragrant aroma of its 100% Italian durum wheat at every bite.

Pastificio Di Martino is partner of Dolce&Gabbana, who have changed its look through their lively Mediterranean design and have turned its pasta packs into real postcards from Italy.

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