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Zona ASI Pascarola - SS Sannitica, 87
80023 Caivano (NA)

Founded in 1889 
Afragola (NA)

For over three generations, our family has dedicated itself to the production of vinegar with passion and knowledge, in the tireless search for the best possible quality product.

A story which began more than 120 years ago, when Armando De Nigris opened the first vinegar mill in Naples, proving to be a great success with his clients immediately. This success was consolidated over the years to follow, when the running of the company passed to his son Marcello, who succeeded in launching De Nigris’ products onto the international market and in widening the product range to include the prestigious Balsamic vinegar.

From passionate artisans to an international organisation, our company has always looked to the future, staying true to the family motto: “Boundaries do not exist”.
From the lands of the Emilia-Romagna region to overseas markets, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena has taken its place as the Italian condiment par excellence.

A spark of creativity! The uniqueness of De Nigris brand products lies in the creativity with which we imagine and create them, in order to make the most of every dish and recipe. A spirit of innovation that, thanks to the third generation of Master Vinegar Makers, still guides us today and allows us to offer our clients products of excellence, which are appreciated world-wide for their quality and creativity.

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